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Grouper was an online, invite-only social club that uses data gathered from Facebook profiles to organize group outings called Groupers. Matches for the outings were gathered and analyzed first by a computer and then by a human to ensure strong matches. Groupers consisted of two groups of three friends and can consist of three males and three females, six males, six females, or any other possible combination. Michael Waxman founded the New York -based startup in Grouper is an invite-only service that matches two individuals according to data found — with the permission of the user — on the user’s Facebook profile, including age, career, education, etc. A time is then set for the “Grouper”. The company offers arrangements for both opposite- and same-sex Groupers.

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Diagnosis-Related Group DRG is a system to classify hospital cases into one of approximately groups, also referred to as DRGs, expected to have similar hospital resource use, developed for Medicare as part of the prospective payment system. DRGs are assigned by a “grouper” program based on ICD diagnoses, procedures, age, sex, and the presence of complications or comorbidities. DRGs have been used since to determine how much Medicare pays the hospital, since patients within each category are similar clinically and are expected to use the same level of hospital resources.

The original objective of diagnosis related groupings DRGs was to develop a patient classification system that related types of patients treated to the resources they consumed.

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Unintentionally, art can become more than just a cultural record, but an environmental one as well. This has been particularly true with mosaics, one of the best preserved types of ancient art, in which detailed depictions of animals both living and extinct can be examined for indications of how and where they lived. The Mediterranean mosaic fish that caught the interest of University of Salento biologist Paolo Guidetti and Stanford University biologist Fiorenza Micheli was the dusky grouper, Scientific American reports.

A massive fish, the dusky grouper can grow longer than four feet and weigh more than pounds, with a large gaping jaw. However, it used to be even bigger, at least according to the mosaic that Guidetti came upon when perusing an ancient art book. In it, a dusky grouper swims among an array of earth-hued sea creatures, and from its wide mouth hangs the legs of a poor human it is in the process of consuming see above.

Unfortunately, despite its hulking shape and formidable mouth, the grouper is a popular prey for its savory flesh, and it has been overfished and declared endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Few groupers even come near the surface now, decreasing their chances of taking on a man for a meal. In the Etruscan, Greek, and Roman mosaics, the groupers are as much monster as fish, spiked fins rising up from their monolithic bodies.

While the one eating a person appeared to be an anomaly, possibly an artistic flourish, they were frequently shown to be of startling size. Their examinations reveal a fish larger than any of those found today, as well as fishing techniques like harpooning and nets that indicate groupers once swam close to the surface.

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Our software is containerized for ease of installation and configuration. Use one component or the whole suite! It empowers the right people to manage access, taking central IT out of the loop. Grouper helps collaboration happen. You can set up groups, roles, and permissions for many purposes, such as populating and administering standing committees, ad hoc research teams, departments, or classes.

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A bug was found in the Grouper API while debugging the building loader. The fix will also be available in the next version of Grouper. Then run ‘ant dist’ again. The first two properties will prevent everybody from having read and view access to newly created groups by default. The third property will allow the use of a wheel group. Members of the wheel group have full access in Grouper.

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generated_at – Date at which the index was generated, output of “date -u” (string, mandatory). images – List of dicts representing available.

Michael and Ian will examine the current context of learning analytics, discuss some of the obstacles to the use of learner generated data, and examine early successes and issues in the context of the Jisc national service in the UK, and other initiatives. The newest version of uPortal —version 5. For this release, the community of uPortal developers took on an ambitious list of features, fixes, and improvements.

Development efforts around uPortal 5 spanned the majority of the first milestone release 5. Since then, the pace of innovation and enhancement has not slowed. Already as of late December the time of writing , uPortal 5. By the time of this conference February 6th , we will have 5. We will examine the process of implementing uPortal 5, and especially why these changes will help you be much more productive with uPortal.

We will also take a peek into the future of uPortal: the features and enhancements that are in development now. These include baked-in support for container-based Docker deployments, baked-in support for uPortal-home the University of Wisconsin UI , and powerful new ways to leverage data from the field of Learning Analytics.

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The goal of this page is to explain some of the gotchas and how to avoid them. Some of the best ways to deal with a few of these issues will be explained. Watch your file size. Entity density the number of entities in a given source directly affects performance.

for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) effective as of our go-live date. Mandatory software releases by CMS for DRG Grouper, DRG Mapper and.

Please access our Final Wiki to view the most updated content. Final Wiki. Access to the site will be given on a case-by-case basis. Please email a Grouper near you for login details. Email addresses can be found below. Note that the system is still under development and hence not all functions will be usable. Functionality that is not working is Fund Management and Reporting. The team were separated into pairs and they guide each client on UAT process.

Overall, there was no bugs found. The team met up with client on saturday and they showed archiving and reporting function to them.

You can confidently choose S2Tech as your IT services partner.

Once implemented, the scenario automates group lookup and entitlement release for all tagged services with little or no overhead for any non-tagged services. This tag will be used in other parts of the example to control activation of components and filtering. Most of the complex bits are in the resolver obviously, to pull in Grouper data and format it into entitlements. Most of this is accomplished with scripts of various sorts.

This document explains the installation steps for Grouper. Grouper starting up: version: , build date: /06/02 , env:

CUIT will create a Grouper group for a given application or resource, and then assign one or more designated individuals as administrators. The group administrators can then manage membership using the Grouper web application. Members of groups are generally those who will be assigned access to the specific application or resource associated with the group. Type the UNI of the person you want to add. You will see a list of matching people in a drop-down menu.

Click on the person in the drop-down menu. To add another group as a member of the currently selected group, click the “Add Members” button in the upper right corner. You will see a list of matching groups in a drop-down menu. Click on the desired group in the drop-down menu. To add an external user as a group member click the “More Actions” menu in the upper right corner, then click “Add external user” from the drop-down menu.

The external user will be displayed in the list of group members. Click the “Actions” menu next to the member you want to remove, then click “Revoke membership” to remove that member from the group. To add a group administrator, you need to give someone the Admin group privilege. Click on the privileges tab to see current privileges for your group.

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This guide describes the architecture of our Groups Web Service, including the automatic and manual processes that provision its components and otherwise keep the service up-to-date and consistent. The Groups Service consists of a registry, which maintains the authoritative group and membership information, LDAP and other subordinate directories, which provide read-only copies of the registry, a REST API and a UI for group maintenance, and various administrative tools. Our registry is provided by an implementation of Internet2’s Grouper.

It is supported by a Postgres database and backup on the iamdb21 and iamdb22 system.

EVSTDATE, Event start date, The admission date on which a This comes out of the DRG grouper program and identifies the clinical severity.

Wiki Home. Grouper Guides. Community Contributions. Welcome to the Grouper Wiki. Internet2’s Grouper enables project managers, departments, institutions and end users to create and manage institutional and personal groups, roles and permissions. Recent Grouper Presentations Search. Community Contributions Adopter Sketches, including use cases by category. Grouper Roadmap. Grouper Jira issue tracker.

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